Welcome to Broadcast Barnsley- a northern music archive

Welcome to Broadcast Barnsley!

This is a blog devoted to unearthing the past music scenes of Barnsley, South Yorkshire.  The aim is to blog on many aspects of music in the town, primarily during the 1970s and early 1980s.  The blog will discuss rock, punk, new wave, soul (northern and R&B) and any other genres that come to mind; the purpose is to excavate hidden links and associations between different bands and styles- a rock family tree for the town and county.

The blog is written from the viewpoint of someone who was there and someone who was involved (albeit it peripherally) in the music making of 1970s South Yorkshire.  What I’d like to do is uncover previously little known links between styles and bands and talk about some of the underlying themes and issues.  I wish to bring to light the story of the everyday music scene of an everyday town- the bands playing in pubs, the bands practicing in sheds and garages, the fans, the magazines and the fashions.  This all went to make up ‘Broadcast Barnsley.’


I  hope you enjoy the explorations!



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