‘Freak or smoothy?’- a soundtrack to the novel



Pretty vacant– in a bus station

I’ve just added a new page to the blog offering links to music tracks and videos (mostly on YouTube) that act as a soundtrack to ‘Freak or smoothy‘, the story of my misspent and misguided youth in Barnsley as a fledgling rockstar.  There’s Bowie, Roxy Music, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, the Sex Pistols and more; an eclectic mix.  Have a listen! ‘Freak or smoothy?’- a soundtrack to the novel


One thought on “‘Freak or smoothy?’- a soundtrack to the novel

  1. […] Coast were ambitious and they had a keen eye for self-publicity.  On January 30th 1974 the pub venue Changes in Barnsley announced the “return of the sensational Coast.”  The band appeared again “by popular demand” within a week and played there eight times during that year.  They also found slots supporting Cockney Rebel and Be Bop Deluxe at the town’s Civic Hall in June, at an outdoor festival in Sheffield’s Parson’s Cross Park and supporting Be Bop Deluxe again at the Civic in December.  Coast played several solo gigs around the town as well.  Their live appearances always got good reviews.  For example at the Cockney Rebel gig the band were complimented on their vocals- “unusually high quality, smooth and refined, not gritty and tinny.”  They made a “triumphant return” in front of a “jubilant crowd” at the Barnsley’s Centenary Rooms in September, assailing the audience with “a mind blowing barrage of light and sound.” (NB The support at this gig was from Trace, whose rhythm guitarist was Tony Whitaker.  His younger brother was to play guitar in Nightmare and Trace’s first gig at Broadway School’s main hall is recalled in my novel Freak or smoothy?) […]


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