‘Rewind and edit’- the soundtrack!


Ms Toyah Wilcox: ‘It’s a mystery’

My first ever novel, Rewind and edit, took a fantasy approach to my life at uni and at home in Barnsley in my late teens and early twenties.  It was fantasy in two respects: the book is based around the main character Jeff time-travelling back from the present to the early 1980s.  Secondly, the story replays the events of my first and second years at uni and at home, but edits the reality to something new.

The rapidly evolving British music scene was a big part of my experience then.  On a separate page on this blog I have just published a soundtrack to Rewind and edit.  I have offered you a list of the most significant tracks (in the context of the book and in terms of my real life).  It is an eclectic mix of styles and genres from the time- some serious (Crass), some frothy (Thompson Twins); some sombre (Joy Division) and some silly (Splodgenessabounds).  I hope you enjoy my selection: ‘Rewind and edit’- the soundtrack


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