Soundtrack to revised edition of ‘Feeling called love’ released


Feeling called love- paperback cover

I have just published, on Kindle and Amazon paperback, a second, revised edition of my story Feeling called love.  The novel is set partly in my hometown of Barnsley and partly in Dunfermline during the peak years of punk, 1976 and 1977.  As I was writing the book I discovered that Dunfermline was hometown of Scottish punk pioneers The Skids and it made sense to incorporate them into the story.

skids 2

The Skids

2017 is the fortieth anniversary year of the formation of The Skids.  I have marked that by issuing a revised edition of the novel, including a preface describing the early years of the band.  The band themselves are staging a tour of Scotland, including several dates in Dunfermline, to celebrate this significant birthday.

I have published on WordPress a new soundtrack page to mark the second edition of the book and to act as an aural guide to the story.  Just click here for the soundtrack to the book and enjoy the sounds that John and Shona, the young lovers of the story, are so excited about.  For fuller details of all my fiction, see my website.


The Skids take flight

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