Saxon at Steelfest


Last week I had to help by daughter move home in Cardiff.  Stopping in an AirB&B between flats, I was looking at the 2017 Welsh Tourist Board brochure.  What’s on for July included Steelfest at Hafod y Dafal, Ebbw Vale at which Saxon are appearing.

The brochure asked (cheekily, you might think):

  • are they actually still going?  The answer is, of course, loud and strong.  The band recently released a 14 disc box set (Solid book of rock), a live album, Let me feel your power (2016) and there’s another album Thunderbolt due; and,
  • are they still wearing those trousers? The brochure answered yes; my feeling (my hope, for men approaching 70) is no.  I’ve featured this picture before, but here they are- the monsters of rock at Castle Donnington- just to remind you what was being referred to…


In the meantime, I have continued to add to my history of the origins of the band as Iron Mad Wilkinson, Coast and Son of a Bitch in Barnsley during the early and mid-1970s, updating my posting as I find further material in the archives.


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